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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Centralasiaemarketplace.com ?

Centralasiaemarketplace.com is a regional " B2B Trading Portal " which helps United Arab Emirates companies to list their profile, commercial "offers to sell" and "enquiries to buy" and also buy and sell products from the listings / trade leads placed by other companies. This is a unique website which has been specially designed, taking into consideration the inputs provided by Business Managers with vast trading knowledge and International experience. The website is designed to give maximum exposure to your " Offers " and " Enquiries " in the relevant markets. Centralasiaemarketplace.com offers a business model that blends the latest technology with the traditional methods of transacting business. It is supported by a team of managers who work online and offline to assist you find a suitable trade partner for a beneficial transaction.

Centralasiaemarketplace.com is a part of the BusinessDubai NETWORK.

Our mission is to make Centralasiaemarketplace.com a "SINGLE WINDOW RESOURCE" for companies looking for business opportunities especially in the Mid East, Africa, CIS, Russia and the Indian Subcontinent.

What is BusinessDubai NETWORK ?

BusinessDubai NETWORK is a network of several B2B portals operated and managed by independent companies / Chamber's of commerce in different countries. Please click on "Businessdubai Network " on the home page of this site to see the network. Access to the company profiles and trade offers and enquiries and access to several search engines available on the various sites on the network is available to Gold and Platinum members only.

How do I get access to all the services on this website ?

You will need to register through the online registration form available on the website by clicking on the " Register " button on the Home Page. Centralasiaemarketplace.com offers access to its services upon registration after a confirmation of your username and password is sent to you through the email. You may login immediately after receiving the e-mail from the site administrator confirming your registration.

Please store your Username and Password as entered in the Registration form securely for further access to the website. Also remember to update your registration details from time to time enabling us to get your current contact details and update your Company profile. You can do this by pressing the " Edit your Profile " button, on your " My Page ".

What types of memberships are available on this site ?

This website offers three types of memberships.

Silver ( Free ) / Gold ( US Dollar 50/- per annum ) / Platinum ( US Dollars 250/- per annum ). Services available under the 3 categories can be seen on the site when you click on the "Register Button".

What is " My Page " ?

You reach " My Page " directly after login.

This is a specially designed personal activity area for your convenience. This is the page where a registered user gets the summary of all his/her activities conducted by him/her on this website.

" My Page " lets you :

Post new Offers to Sell and Enquiries to Buy To post, the user should click on " Post new Offers to Sell " or " Post new Enquiries to Buy "

View listed " Offers to Sell " and " Enquires to Buy " on the website to view, the user should click on " Listed Offers to Sell " or " Listed Enquiries to Buy ". Also, you may click on " My Listed Offers " or " My Listed Enquiries " to view only your offers and enquiries posted on the website and edit/modify the same.

See details of your pending negotiations / concluded deals to view the user should click on " Ongoing Deals ".

" My Page " also provides convenient links to a host of other services available.

Can I make modifications to my posted Offers and Enquiries ?

Yes, you may extend validity, Edit and Delete your posted Offers to Sell and Enquires to Buy To do any of the following mentioned click on " Display Edit " button and follow the instructions on the page.

Extend Validity - Option allows you to extend the validity period of your posted Offers to Sell and Enquires to Buy.

Edit - Option lets you modify your terms & conditions of the posted Offers to Sell and Enquires to Buy ( only when not under negotiation ).

Delete - Option allows you to delete posted Offer to Sell and Enquires to Buy. This delete function operates only if the same is not under negotiation or if the same has expired.

How do I post " Offers to Sell " and " Enquires to Buy " ?

Once you are on the " My Page ", please click on the buttons " Post new Offers to Sell " or " Post new Enquires to Buy ". On selecting the option you will be presented with a form where you are required to fill all necessary details and your terms & conditions so that a very clear picture of the offer or enquiry is available to the interested Buyer or Seller. Please ensure that you have entered a reasonable validity period of the Offer or Enquiry. Please enter the correct and appropriate Category and Sub - Category for the Offer or Enquiry while posting to facilitate a quick and easy response. For any kind of other details which you would like to mention please specify the same in the area " Special Conditions " provided on the form. Please enter only the details asked for in each field. You can choose a Category and the Sub - Category from the list provided or suggest a Category to us by clicking "suggest a Category " button on the Home Page or Category listing page and meanwhile post your Offer to Sell or Enquiries to Buy under the product Category " Others ".

Please do not post any of your contact details. These details would be available to the other party once the transaction related to the posted offer or Enquiry has been finalized.

Does " Offers to Sell " and " Enquires to Buy " get displayed immediately on posting ?

All postings pass through the site's administration area and should normally be visible in the Posted Offers or Posted Enquiries pages within a few hours of its posting.

How do I view listed " Offers to Sell " or " Enquires to Buy " ?

Click on " Offer to Sell " or " Enquiry to Buy " buttons available on several locations of the website. You will be presented with a list of product categories and the sub-categories. Click on the categories/sub-categories for which you wish to see the offers/enquiries. You will see a summarized list of all the live offers or enquiries posted.

How do I see a detailed " Offers to Sell " or " Enquires to Buy " ?

In the summarized list of offers or enquiries, click on the offer no. or enquiry no. and the page with full details will open up.

What do I see in the detailed " Offers to Sell " or " Enquires to Buy " ?

You will see a brief profile of the seller or buyer along with their Certifications / ratings / electronic seals ( if available). This is designed to give you the " trust " and " comfort " elements essential to the business.

The detailed specifications of the goods along with all the Commercial terms and conditions. If catalogue/picture are available of the product these would also be seen. In short, you will have all the details necessary for you to proceed with the transaction.

Also the " response area" where you can enter your terms and conditions / additional information requirements for the transaction to take place in the blank space provided.

How do I find contact details of companies interested in my products ?

The site offers to its Gold and Platinum members a special search facility through the "My Page " area that helps them identify companies interested in dealing with specific products.

How do I conduct negotiation on the site to conclude a deal ?

The " Response area " is available in the detailed offer or enquiry page. Here you can enter your terms and conditions for the transaction to take place in the blank spaces provided. This is a convenient tool for you to conduct negotiations and agree on the terms of business. You also have the choice to deal directly with the other party.

To negotiate or post your Counter bid for the same, all you need to do is fill in the blank spaces provided at the bottom of the offer / enquiry.

How do I know that my posted " Offer to Sell " or " Enquiry to Buy " has received a response ?

You can do this in two ways :

(a) You will receive an e-mail intimation as soon as a response is there. You will then enter your " My Page " to see the full details.

(b) You can check on your " My Page " directly. Click " Pending Responses ".

How do I respond to a bid made against my " Offer to Sell " or " Enquiry to Buy " ?

Login and enter " My Page ". Click on " Pending Responses ". You may write your comments in the space available at the bottom of the offer / enquiry form. You will also be able to see the entire history of the correspondence you have had with the other party.

I am unable to decide on whether to accept a deal unless I see the other party's full contact details and name of the Company ?

All registered members can see the contact details right in the beginning when the members opens an offer or enquiry. The GOLD and PLATINUM members can see these contact details on the entire network while SILVER members can see these details on the site they are registered.

What is E- Rep service ?

All Platinum members of this site and all other network sites receive help from one of the trade managers ( E-Rep) on the site who assists them in identifying possible business opportunities available on the network.

What is "Trade Fair Participation Services" ?

All members can participate in a Trade Fair organized by BusinessDubai or any of the Network site on a cost sharing basis. Specific participation proposals are sent in advance / or posted on the site for members to respond with their specific interest.

After receiving the company name and full contact details of the buyer or seller with whom I have conducted negotiations, can I " Hold" my decision to conclude the deal and revert later after consultations ?

This is a matter that you can discuss directly with the other party and take action as agreed mutually.

What happens if Seller sells the goods partly or fully while the negotiation is in progress ?

The Seller should indicate such possibilities under " Special Conditions " while posting the Offer. e.g. The Seller might say " Offer is subject to unsold ".

What is the " BIZNEEDS " service ?

BIZNEEDS offers exclusive on-line services Companies and business executives to meet a variety of needs such as freight and logistics, insurance, banking, travel reservations, quick shopping etc. Most of these services are offered through our partners. You will find this a one-stop gallery to fulfill virtually all your business needs. We encourage you to visit this section often.

What does Centralasiaemarketplace.com charge for the service ?

Centralasiaemarketplace.com charges membership Fee as follows 1. SILVER ( FREE) , GOLD ( US Dollars 50/- per annum) and 3. PLATINUM ( US Dollars 250/- per annum). For any specific service not covered under the membership, can be taken up at a mutually agreed fee / cost.

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